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Disease health: how fast cough? Teach you 2 for a small coup – Shandong Channel – people.com.cn prone to cold or cough, cold, generally is mainly caused by respiratory tract infection caused by respiratory tract infection, or bronchial inflammation and pulmonary local inflammation. The clinical manifestations of cough 1, the nature of cough without sputum or sputum very little, known as dry cough. Dry cough or irritating cough is common in acute or chronic laryngitis, laryngeal cancer, acute bronchitis, early tracheal and bronchial foreign body, bronchial tumor, pleural disease, pulmonary hypertension and mitral stenosis. Cough with cough expectoration for wet, common in chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, lung abscess and cavitary pulmonary tuberculosis. 2, the time of cough and regular cough often due to inhalation of irritating gas or foreign body, lymph nodes or tumor oppression trachea or bronchus bifurcation caused by. Paroxysmal cough can be seen in whooping cough, endobronchial tuberculosis, and bronchial asthma (asthma) with cough as the main symptom. Chronic cough, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, lung abscess and pulmonary tuberculosis. Nocturnal cough is common in patients with left heart failure and pulmonary tuberculosis, cause cough at night, may be associated with increased excitability of vagus nerve and aggravate pulmonary congestion at night. 3, cough tone refers to the characteristics of cough sounds. If the cough, hoarseness, vocal cords for inflammation or tumor compression caused by laryngeal nerve; the crow like cough, showing continuous paroxysmal tussiculation with high-profile inspiratory echo, in epiglottis, whooping cough, throat or tracheal compression; the sound of metal in common because of cough cough, mediastinal tumor, aortic aneurysm or bronchial carcinoma the direct compression of the trachea caused by the low voice; cough or weakness in severe emphysema, vocal cord paralysis and extremely weak. Children cough treatment routine treatment 1, if the child cough, sleep at night can put the child’s head pad high, let the child breathe smoothly. 2, drink plenty of warm water can make children phlegm thinner and tension relieve respiratory mucosa, promote expectoration of sputum. Best to let the baby drink warm boiling water or warm milk, rice soup, etc.. 3, water vapor cough. If the child coughs badly, let them take the steam, or sit in a steam bath for 5 minutes, and the moist air helps to clear the lungs of the mucus and calm the cough. 4, hot water bag back cough. Hot water bag filled with hot water of about 40 degrees C, outside wrapped in a thin towel, and then apply the child back near the pulmonary position, this can speed up the cold, cold to early symptoms of cough is particularly effective. In general if a small child back, when you cough phlegm is not own vomit, so this time we need the help of parents, parents can put the child up and then help the child back, up and down all around to shoot. (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章:

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