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Developers debt   why the seizure of the owners of the house? — property — people’s original title: why the owners of the owners of the house? The eleven holiday, Fuzhou Minhou County town of South Island along the part of the owners of Wulong River District in China have depressed, here the day before the housing land seized by the court for three years, the house has been unable to handle two cards. Reporter survey found that the reason was due to the fact that the developer has a debt dispute, four hundred or five hundred owners have become scapegoats. Owners Lin said that in mid May last year to apply for two cards, was informed that the land card can not handle, has been sealed by the court, can only apply for real estate license, after the combination of the two cards, many owners can not handle the whole. We took the material was not the end of the heart, how to spend their own money to buy a house has become the property developers, the court sealed. Reporter survey found that many owners have repeatedly found the management department, the Housing Authority said it had written contact the court to inform the actual situation, but the court did not make specific instructions. Minhou County Land Bureau, China Jiangda area project land use rights currently involved in legal issues, the court to lift the seizure of land in order to apply for the owners of the land use permit, when and under what conditions to lift the land seized by the court, they have no way. Why developers have sold commercial housing, the court can eventually seal? Beijing Yingke (Fuzhou) lawyer Wu Wuping said, according to the provisions of China’s City real estate management law, in order to get the land use right transfer or transfer by the government for the land use right certificate, built houses on the land of the real estate development obtained according to law, the property management department for verification and the issuance of housing certificate of ownership. If the real estate transfer or change, should apply for real estate registration of change to the real estate management department, with the change of housing ownership certificates to land management departments for the registration of land use rights changes, China Jiangda area owners of housing ownership certificates have not been handled, the housing land is still to all the Chinese real estate, leading to the court the owners bought the house land seized. Now the Wulong River area owners according to the Supreme People’s Court on civil execution procedure, seizure, seizure, freezing of property, the provisions of article seventeenth, for the execution of the program into the case, developers will all need to shun China for the transfer of registration of land and housing sold out third people (the owners), owners have full payment and the actual possession, but not to transfer registration, if the owner has no fault, the people’s court shall not be seized or detained with freezing. The owner may, in accordance with the provisions of the 267th paragraph of the civil procedure law, submit a written objection to the Beijing intermediate people’s Court of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the law of the people’s Republic of China). The court shall, within 15 days from the date of receipt of the written objection. If the reasons for the establishment of an objection to termination, the owners can continue to apply for real estate registration certificate. If the reason is not established, the ruling will be dismissed, the owners can bring a lawsuit to the court within 15 days. Fujian news (Liu Xue Wu Zhenguo, commissioning editor: Sun Hongli)相关的主题文章:

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