Dentist Tibet Ali Jiaotong University for 150 students oral examination aquaria

Dentist Tibet Ali Jiaotong University for 150 students oral examination in September 20, 2016, is China’s twenty-eighth oral love teeth day. This day, sunny Tibet Ali Region in China, from the Xi’an Jiao Tong University dental hospital dentist Dai Quan three, dentists and Ali area, on the 20 day at 4:30 in the afternoon, from Ali Prefecture People’s hospital to Ali area primary school 150, the sixth grade students in small department of oral health knowledge and oral examination. Ali area located in the western border of our country, with an average altitude of 4500 meters, 1700 kilometers away from Lhasa, the local natural environment is extremely bad, difficult living conditions. The 4 oral physicians to the primary school is located in Ali area, Ali Shiquanhe area administrative office is located, the existing 930 students, divided into 6 grades and 18 classes, has a staff of more than 70 people, Ali is a good condition in primary school. Ali District People’s Hospital from Ali District primary school, need to walk 13 minutes, about 950 meters away. 4 oral physicians, dentists in generation of spring for the eighth group of cadres in Shaanxi Province, the second batch of "cluster" medical Tibet players, three other dentists have worked in Ali Prefecture People’s hospital. Tibet doctor Dai Quan introduction: now people’s Hospital of Ali area where Ali is the only one of two general hospitals, bear medical tasks to Difficult miscellaneous diseases with lion town cadres and workers, migrant workers and seven counties, and for the working group to provide health services ali. Ali District People’s hospital was founded in May 1955, is Ali’s first medical and health institutions. With the economic and social development in Ali area, hospital development, especially in recent years with the support of prefectural administrative office and the relevant departments, in Hebei, Shaanxi province two aid, hospital development into the fast lane, has become the Department set up a more complete, can carry out routine operation of a grade two general hospital basically, can meet the demand of the cadres and workers and farmers and herdsmen basic medical care. However, seeking truth from facts, compared with the mainland hospital, and the hospital in the area, the hospital’s medical treatment capacity is obviously insufficient, the level of medical technology is still very low, the service level is not high, low social satisfaction. Tibet doctor Dai Quan July 2nd departure from Xi’an, arrived on the same day. July 6th transferred from Lhasa to Ali, formally entered the Department of stomatology in the people’s Hospital in July 14th Ali District work. During the plateau reaction, and hypoxia. In the work record, Dai Quan wrote: "who was admitted to hospital due to cold treatment, is the first to enter the Ali area hospital medical team earlier than the teammates." Dai Quan introduction: in the medical team before the advent of Tibet, oral medical level people’s Hospital of Ali area is limited to the simple extraction, the more serious patients with oral diseases to receive appropriate treatment, only from the two or three days of the car to sit in Ali area, then take the bus to Lhasa, travel for two days and two nights after the doctor arrived in Lhasa. In order to improve the local oral medical conditions as soon as possible, on behalf of Dr. Stephen hospital – Xi’an Jiao Tong University dental hospital in accordance with the previous investigation on behalf of Dr. Stephen, specially organized a group of about 30 thousand yuan of local emergency.相关的主题文章:

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