Chongqing snacks mixed with Beijing specialty shopping malls have been ordered off the shelf windjview

Chongqing snacks with Beijing specialty   shopping malls have been ordered to counter the shelf and investigation — Beijing channel — original title: Chongqing snacks with Beijing specialty shopping malls have been ordered to counter the shelves and investigate the manufacturers do not accept compensation for Mr. Wang in the day before the Wangfujing department store counters to buy a pack of Beijing specialty, found a whole bag. The independent packet unexpectedly with the Chongqing characteristics of the letinous edodes Dried tofu to business cheating, he expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior. Yesterday, the store manager said, has been ordered to stand under the counter and investigation, Dried tofu, also help consumers contact manufacturers. Manufacturers said it may be caused by the wrong display counters sales, consumers are willing to appropriate compensation, but can not accept compensation. Lawyers believe that consumers can ask for compensation in advance. Businesses accused of cheating Mr. Wang said, he recently in the Wangfujing department store counters to buy 20 packs of products in Beijing. "The counter all kinds of Beijing snacks are scattered packaging, in order to give gifts, I was deliberately and salesman confirmed the loaded foods are native to Beijing, then let her with every two or three bag loaded into plastic package standard." Mr. Wang said, he also said to the salesperson if a bag can not put down, falling down several also does not matter. Not think Mr. Wang after the payment of goods inventory, they saw a similar Dried tofu food packaging. He carefully to feel right, "is Dried tofu products in Beijing?" I doubt, he opened one package, found that this is not the Beijing Dried tofu production, packaging has Chongqing characteristics". The reporter noted that Mr. Wang to buy Beijing special package, in addition to an open packet, the rest of the unopened bag. You can see from the packaging, printed with "Beijing treasures, Beijing specialty". In the open package, Mr. Wang told reporters produced out of Dried tofu, the original food manufacturers for Chongqing City Sheng along Food limited liability company. In order to verify, the reporter found a bag of random apart, also mixed with Dried tofu, and other packaging through the transparent package to look exactly the same situation. "I did not expect such a well-known market is cheating." The manufacturer said misloading refused compensation yesterday, reporters came to the counter, did not find the shadow of Dried tofu. Wangfujing department store supermarket responsible person Zhang said, "market attaches great importance to reflect Mr. Wang’s problem, after that, we immediately ordered to counter the shelf Dried tofu." Zhang said, has problems related to reflect manufacturers. Subsequently, the manufacturers sales supervisor Mr. Yang said that someone is acting company of food Dried tofu. Mr. Wang received a complaint, he has to counter manager and salesman to understand the situation, "may be due to the Dried tofu Shoppe next to the Beijing specialty, and the salesperson error caused by". Yang said that in the future display, will be non Beijing specialty food placed separately. But for the issue of compensation, Mr. Yang said, "let Mr. Wang to return, or give appropriate compensation, but I think misloading does not constitute fraud, the salesman was not deliberately posing, we cannot accept compensation". Li lawyers say consumers to store claims for Mr. Wang’s experience, Beijing Road law firm lawyers said Zhu Jinyuan, Wangfujing)相关的主题文章:

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