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"Zhao Lixin Chen Jianbin" China relationship staged "double Q" Zhao Lixin "Chinese showdown – Sohu entertainment type" poster Zhao Lixin Zhao Lixin refined wisdom as propaganda Sohu entertainment news from the "gold medal director Shen Yan, Liu Haibo, Chen Jianbin four cooperation, Ma Yili, Zhao Lixin, Hu He and many other performers to jointly build contemporary urban heavy humor comedy" China type relationship "last night (September 7th) in Beijing, east two TV star network. The famous actor Zhao Lixin who plays for love and fun workplace "Shen Yun, and Chen Jianbin played Ma Guoliang staged IQ and EQ strength vs.. Crazy for love — "Absolute Infatuation" in the TV drama "in silence", Zhao Lixin had a Shanghai man Chen Qiqian for love, romance and sincere dedication accentuates, reap a touch. In the "China relation", Zhao Lixin’s "Shen Yun" will reproduce the "Absolute Infatuation" warm male image for the audience. Has been in love with Liu Lili (Hu He ornaments) Shen Yun, a life crisis in each other, do everything to the pursuit of love, in twenty years to finally win the hearts of love, he carefully, very careful to keep the marriage. Is love smile, he tried to be mother-in-law and rebellious with unreasonable demands all odd stepdaughter "won", aims to create a harmonious and happy family environment for the lover, so silly and take heart action, also attracted netizens: "loud shouts of applause of a good husband was born"! Fun to start fire PK in the workplace "in" Mi months pass with "wisdom play and fun in the palace of Zhao Lixin" Chinese relation "is still superior intelligence, fun workplace. The multiple contest between official familiar with the operation of the "Shen Yun" and played by Chen Jianbin Ma Guoliang, between two people and infighting grips, both "intelligence", and "emotional intelligence" firepower confrontation, and there has been no stop. In the view of Zhao Lixin, Shen Yun is a very interesting but very complex, he skillfully uses the traditional code of conduct to help themselves in the officialdom in the climb, in order to consolidate their position, establish their own reputation, even the accumulation of their wealth, he also will play the edge ball within its mandate. In the process of shaping the character of Shen Yun, I deeply feel that the relationship between China and the United States has a positive and negative, this character is not a simple good or bad." It is reported that "guanxi" will be Chinese every night 19:35 Beijing TV and Oriental Weidong two free, please sustained attention!相关的主题文章:

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