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Chinese prime minister in 13 years to build new relations with Canada’s "golden ten years" – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Ma Haiyan) in September 24, with the Chinese Prime Minister for the first time in 13 years to visit Canada, Canadian Prime Minister in the annual dialogue mechanism was officially launched, China Premier Li Keqiang proposed to create a new "Sino Canadian relations gold for ten years, people looking forward to the prospects for cooperation between the two sides. More than and 20 days ago, Premier Trudeau’s first visit to china. The two prime ministers in less than a month to achieve mutual visits, so that people see the land area of the world’s second and third big countries are rapidly approaching the relationship between the two countries. Attend a banquet dinner, the prime minister, and prime minister held talks and met with reporters to see, the house and Senate speaker Li Keqiang, both on every occasion about common interests than differences, and signed 14 documents, third party cooperation in economic and trade cooperation, market agriculture, law enforcement, tourism, aviation, customs, quality inspection and other fields the proof of the broad prospects for cooperation. Chinese Institute of international vice president Ruan Zongze told News Agency reporters, "ten years" includes not only the political no longer entangled, to dialogue and communication, also including the economic quality and efficiency in a more open attitude, also includes various fields of human communication and open up a new situation. In fact, Chinese people is no stranger to Canada, great internationalist fighter Bethune China known to every family. Sino Canadian relations have long been in the forefront of China’s relations with Western countries. In 1970, Canada established diplomatic relations with China, which was one of the earliest western countries to establish diplomatic relations with new china. In 1973, Pierre, the father of the current prime minister, Trudeau, who was then prime minister, became the first prime minister to visit China in his first visit to the country by mr.. But since entering the new century, Sino Canadian relations for a variety of factors have twists and turns. Li Keqiang stressed in a joint press conference with the Canadian Prime Minister stressed that the Canadian historical and cultural background, national conditions and different stages of development, there are differences in some issues is normal. It should be noted that the common interests of China and Canada are far greater than differences. The two sides should firmly grasp the direction of the relationship, respect each other, seek common ground, to ensure the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations. Li Keqiang during the visit, in addition to the annual Canadian Prime Minister dialogue officially started, the two sides also agreed to strengthen the level and mechanism of communication, give full play in the economic and financial dialogue, annual meetings of foreign ministers and high-level national security dialogue mechanism and rule of law. Ruan Zongze said that this is a positive signal to strengthen communication and resolve differences, deepen bilateral relations, expand pragmatic cooperation is of great significance. The root of the differences in the past is that Canada can not be objective and rational view of china. To maintain political, economic, diplomatic, security and other important areas of communication flow, contribute to the next level of pragmatic cooperation. He pays special attention to the two sides decided to strengthen the recovery of stolen goods for cooperation, deepen mutual trust, think it is of great significance to combat corruption. It is reported that the two sides also start with FTA feasibility study, rapeseed trade and other issues to reach a consensus, and jointly promote cooperation in finance, culture, tourism, and local law enforcement and other fields. Wang Yiwei, a professor at Renmin University of China, University of International Relations, told Xinhua News Agency reporters相关的主题文章:

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