China rock tunnel project to achieve two-way through is expected to open to traffic in the fi pigeon blood

China rock tunnel project implementation through lane   the first half of next year completed – Chongqing channel — China rock tunnel through lane in 2017 after the completion of the Chengdu Chongqing high-speed in Liangshan will ease the traffic pressure of tunnel       reporter in October 9th from Jiulongpo urban and Rural Construction Committee learned that, after the parties fighting, "an important channel in the west" the Chinese rock tunnel right line has opened earlier this month to. So far, China has been through the tunnel double. China rock tunnel project is through the fifteenth big city tunnel construction. The West White Peng Lu, Liangshan, Chongqing West Railway Station crossing marshalling station, East Road, Jin Hua Fu Jian Lu, a total length of 7.1 km, respectively, left and right tunnel length of about 4.62 km, 4.91 km, the tunnel two-way 6 lane design speed of 60 km. According to the construction unit of China Railway eleven Bureau five company insiders, China rock tunnel started in June 2013, the left tunnel has opened at the end of August this year. The first half of next year, China rock tunnel will be opened to traffic, then I will add a cross in Liangshan a convenient channel for ease in Liangshan Chongqing Expressway Tunnel traffic pressure, and further improve the road network structure plays an important role in urban area. (reporter Liao Xuemei Zhang Sha) (commissioning editor: Chen Yi, Zhang?)相关的主题文章:

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