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China press conference: business communication + content, media can attack another spring – the media – yesterday, by Chinese press management conference organizing committee, Xinhua news agency, Fengxian County Liaison Office of the county Party committee and government of the ninth session of the China press management conference and 2015-2016 Chinese newspaper business value ranking conference held in Nanjing, from all over the country more than 100 provincial Party newspaper, deputy provincial city and an important part of the prefecture level city party newspaper, the metropolis newspaper, the well-known magazine relevant person in charge of the media integration era, "diversification without borders" the topic of heated discussion. Under pressure, Zhao Xiuling of vice director of many newspapers and periodicals still contrarian growth attended the meeting of the State Administration of press and publication press secretary said, in August this year, the State Press and Publication Administration released the 2015 news publishing industry analysis report, relevant data from the report to see, in the past year, and further deepen structural adjustment, newspapers are facing more serious challenges; differentiation trend of specialization, speed up the newspaper, the newspaper publishing decline trend, newspaper industry faced a difficult period; while facing new technology, networking, digital full range of challenges. However, under pressure, there are still newspapers to achieve a new format, a substantial increase in business income, which has played a good role in the newspaper industry to boost. Ding Junjie, President of the National Institute of advertising, said the media is divided into new media and traditional media? The newspaper is the first appeared, after the emergence of the radio, and the emergence of television, why did not call the newspaper as the traditional media? I am not opposed to the Internet thinking, I would like to say that the current difficulties faced by the newspaper, because of their own value mining is not enough, the newspaper should really be content king." He believes that from the Internet, especially after the emergence of the mobile Internet, digital media, China newspaper industry is actually being led by the nose, rather than looking for a way out, this is a mistake entering, should return to the origin. The way out is to challenge the status quo, challenge ourselves and overcome ourselves, not to compete with others. Why do you think the new media must replace the old media? Can it be replaced? Can not be replaced, because the new media is the flow of the pursuit of profit, and the newspaper industry is more important is the dissemination of values. Of course, the production of newspaper industry in the new media era should be transformed from mass communication to precise customization. Media convergence, to take advantage of the brand value of the newspaper city newspaper as a newspaper market, in recent years by the new media unprecedented impact, how to embrace the Internet, and actively meet the challenges of the market? Chengdu daily editor in chief Chen Haiquan said that the recent newspaper on how long can do, or do not do, in the industry to discuss very intense. He felt that not only to do the newspaper, but also to continue to do a good job of the newspaper, do fine, do strong, do a newspaper reading the value of the Internet age. The benefits of the media era is the spread of very fast, but the bad place is filled with a large number of complex information every day. What should the newspaper do? From the transfer of information to the value of the transfer of the newspaper to play the professional, do the truth, do the depth of the investigation. "Of course."相关的主题文章:

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