By the netizen anling curse daughter Tao Xinran publicly Detroit (video). tokyo hot n0476

By the netizen "anling" curse daughter Tao Xinran publicly Detroit mad Tao Xinran micro-blog Tencent (the entertainment news screenshot Fang Fang) in the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" anling is a love hate role recently, "rouge", Tao Xinran hung as "bad woman" Feng Manna, because the role of extreme cold again, the extreme manic. Today there are "too deep into the drama" the netizen to anling micro-blog abuse, or even curse not just born daughter of the moon "will not have a good end, also let Tao Xinran unbearable, and micro-blog claims he is not back to the white lotus," the curse of my daughter, what do you think you will have a good end, I is the bottom line." The reporter also call the propaganda and Tao Xinran Chen, he said: "everyone is the bottom line, do not want their children to be cursed, even if the public figures could not tolerate the bottom line without all the abuse." Let’s hit the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" anling played by Tao Xinran about constantly, but she seems to have become a "bad woman" market, the recent hit "rouge" Tao Xinran Feng Manna once again played a flawed girl, Tao Xinran also frankly the character of "the character is very extreme, extreme cold, extreme and manic. Behind her, extreme and extreme cold, everything is because of the sudden shock to her life, her desire to love and be loved, trust and be trusted, but ultimately failed to escape the fate." Due to the "bad woman" image of trust, so many viewers also misunderstand the actors themselves, Tao Xinran said in an interview, "anling has been a lot of personal attacks, parents have been scolded, even today there are friends to Tao Xinran micro-blog directly feel she is not a full moon curse" good daughter "your daughter will not end, it was Tao Xinran immediately soared swearing yell," get off screen mood on me no matter, curse my daughter, do you think you will have what good end, I am not the virgin white lotus, I have the bottom line." Tencent entertainment also call Tao Xinran propaganda and Mr. Chen, he said: "everyone has a bottom line, who do not want their children to be cursed, this is absolutely not allowed, even if public figures could not bear the bottom line without abuse all, how do you attack the artist himself Never mind, really the artist should not attack the child, the child is not full, this let him who can not stand, recently many users on the network knowledge of her children, she couldn’t help, before someone scolded her, she can endure." Before Tao Xinran also said: "don’t play" bad guys ", played so many" female brains ", the most hope to play a good person, can bring the audience some fresh and more positive energy, let us see a different me". Tao Xinran pregnant couples look good sweet talk about parenting相关的主题文章:

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