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Boliu harvest Tokyo TV awards "," shallow three crown summit – Sohu entertainment "Tokyo TV Drama Award Ceremony Sohu entertainment news (compiled Domino) in recognition of Japanese TV drama in overseas influence and organized" Tokyo TV awards "in Tokyo in the days before the awards ceremony was held. NHK morning show "a light to the" total drama, best actress, best actor with three awards, becoming the biggest winner of the night. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama "a shallow come" to the Meiji era representative female industrialist Hirooka Asako as the prototype, described in the banking industry will be introduced in Japan, and the creation of women’s University Education in a shallow running career life. As the heroine Boliu and played five generation Tomoatsu Fujioka respectively with excellent performance in the play won the best actress, best supporting actor award, Boliu prize also play become the popular word line "scared baby" as to express their surprise speech. The list of 2016 "Tokyo TV Drama Award winning Best Drama Series: specific as follows:" a shallow come "(NHK) series:" excellent "and how easy generation (NHK)" the king "(Asahi)" shitamachi rocket "(TBS)" angler diary "(TX)" recall "(shanran Fuji)" the sun "(WOWOW) the best single episode:" red topminnows "(TBS) single episode:" good man "and" series (NHK) to the street life "(WOWOW) local TV Drama Award:" three moons "(Beijing CBS)" Indigo color lover "(NHK Okayama) best actor: Hiroshi Abe (" shitamachi rocket ") for Best Actress: Boliu (" a shallow come ") best supporting actor: Fujioka (" a shallow come ") Best Supporting Actress: Kimura Yoshino ("my wife" dangerous) Best Screenplay: Noki Akiko (reissued "out" Best Director (Ishii Yuya): "the candy house" (Doi Yutae) "out" "obstetric medicine hung republication of birds") and Tian Yingde (Best Producer: Iran "shitamachi rocket") best theme song: Aoi Teshima "letter for tomorrow" ("Remembrance shanran")相关的主题文章:

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