Beijing launched on the path of contemporary jade special works of Li Junjie

Beijing launched a special way of contemporary jade works of Li Junjie on Li Junjie, Mongolian, born in 1980, Xinjiang province jade carving master, master of Arts and crafts of Xinjiang Province, Suzhou jade, jade carving master Li Junjie Gospel studio ". Li Junjie studied China jade carving master Ma Xuewu, to master the true qinshou. Over the years, by virtue of his personal study hard and the jade carving art understanding, created a series of ingenious design, novel techniques and methods, is not the same, not to repeat the exquisite originality of jade carving works. After years of painstaking research, Li Junjie has a unique understanding of their jade art. He believes in the creation, should be in accordance with the original intention of natural jade carving it, to reflect the kind of "natural to the carving, qingshuichufurong" simple beauty, natural beauty, so that people find jade spirituality and simplicity; the natural jade through art creation, showing a general activity such as life. Li Junjie preferred in jade carving design, to skillfully inject soft lines and dynamic elements. Do not pursue too uncompromising, but to create unlimited imagination in a limited space in jade, let each piece to give consumers a wonderful show different. Let every one from his hand works have different characteristics in Li Junjie’s view, is not the same, not repeat this era is the jade lovers heart needs. With the innovation of jade carving works of Li Junjie describe appropriate. I watch his works always bring people by surprise and fresh sense of shock, a unique jade beauty different from the others, due to the seamless combination of culture and art in the. And it is this respect of jade, jade carving industry in which he rushed out of their own one day, let him gain a foothold in the jade industry and began to shine. In the fifth phase of the character — contemporary jade Boutique Auction "in Beijing, the path selection of Li Junjie created seven pieces of jade works, mostly by the creation of Hetian jade oneseed sketch, volume is small, but the style is obvious, especially suitable for wear. LOT1055 Li Junjie and Hetian seed expected Buddhism Pendant 3.8× 1.8× 1.2cm 12g; the maximum retention of the Hetian jade seed material and original skin color, jade embellish, color with gold, whiteness is also good, the top grade of Hetian jade seed material. The author only in the angle between the broken skin carvings as a bead of bergamot, meaning with buddha. The material shape is a triangle, the whole is like a gold ingot, the perfect shape is rare, the material is small, but very perfect, worthy of attention. LOT1072 Li Junjie Hetian jade pendant 3.5× 2.1× as a seed material; 1.3cm 12.3g; the work volume is small, but the only single materials used for Hetian seed material, natural pores, and have a grey brown jade skin, polishing can feel the delicate jade oil. The head and body of the author only broken high relief goldfish tail, hidden, especially the two bubble eye is particularly prominent, combined with the actual situation, expressed as a feast, auspicious. To the minimalist screen, highlight the theme, is a test design, test of carving practice 6相关的主题文章:

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