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Before the car rear end accident caused the deaths after the car before the car hit and run driver caught Modern Express News (reporter Wang Xiaoyu) the vehicle rear end of the stop line in red light, generally belong to the responsibility after the car, but the car accident occurred in Lianyungang, but before the car driver may face criminal responsibility the punishment, how is this going? Recently, in Lianyungang City Yingzhou road and qineast Gate Street intersection traffic accident, a blue Buick commercial vehicle red light at the stop line in such a non motor vehicle driving Tang from the left rear hit, Tang fell on the motorway. When the police arrived at the scene of the accident, the blue Buick business car has left the scene, was sent to a hospital in the Tang Dynasty, the same day, Tang died after rescue. According to the scene of the police left the vehicle after the debris of the vehicle, the investigation found that the debris is very much like the old section of the Buick GL8 taillights, after comparison, to determine the escape vehicle is the old section of the Buick GL8. After investigation, found a Soviet E license car is a major suspect. The registration information through the vehicle, the police investigation found that the car has been sold to a leasing company in Huaian Lianshui, the leasing company said a car repair factory was sold to Lianshui, repair factory responsible person told the police car was borrowed a ji. Eventually, the police identified the suspect in great ji. Under pressure, November 16th, Ji a initiative to Lianyungang city traffic police detachment accident brigade surrendered. According to his account, because the driver’s license has been canceled, after the accident, so the car ran away because of fear. Police said the accident, the injured non motor vehicle driving electric bicycle, driving in a motor vehicle collision, Buick commercial vehicle, if the driver was not a Ji escapes, the responsibility is very small, because the final injured after she died, and his but a hit and run, such a final, Ji it is likely to be held criminally responsible. At present, Ji Mou has been in administrative detention, the police will be the next step for accident on the case, and then make a further treatment of ji.相关的主题文章:

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