Anhui introduction of minimum living security work procedures ca1834

Anhui Province issued minimum living guarantee practice for Anhui Finance hearing today, star market, Anhui financial network reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, before the introduction of the province of Anhui province "the work of the minimum living security procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the rules), the new operating procedures based on the situation of Anhui Province, put forward a series of operations strong, pragmatic and effective innovation policy. Among them for the realization of urban and rural areas, the number of standards to ensure that the minimum standard. Operation rules specified in the urban and rural living in the same institutional arrangements and the application process, realize the difficulties people apply for subsistence allowances for the right to a fair, from the program to eliminate the differences between urban and rural areas, to ensure that all residents of the subsistenceallowances warmth and care benefit of urban and rural. In principle, the urban minimum living standards can be determined in accordance with the annual per capita consumption expenditure of urban residents 25-35%, rural minimum living standards can be determined in accordance with the annual per capita consumption expenditure of rural residents 35-45%. Throughout the country to gradually narrow the gap between urban and rural minimum standards, the realization of urban and rural minimum living standards in accordance with the proportion of per capita consumption expenditure gradually tends to unity. Rural minimum living standards should be linked to poverty alleviation standards, in 2017 to achieve the two lines". "Two lines in one" after the rural minimum living standards should be adjusted in accordance with the quantitative adjustment mechanism to ensure that the rural minimum standard is not lower than the national poverty alleviation standards after the annual dynamic adjustment. In addition, according to the new requirements, the new trend of national policy, to explore the difficulties of life, a separate account (rely on family support to a separate account, in accordance with the single households) of the adult industry without severe disabilities and illness expenditure of poor families included in the scope of protection, to guarantee transparency. Operating procedures for the application of minimum acceptance, audit, household survey, democratic review, approval, publicity, payment of funds and other aspects of the main responsibility for the time limit are clearly defined. And the establishment of a comprehensive management personnel and village (neighborhood) cadres close relatives to obtain minimum subsistence allowances system, from the source to prevent the relationship between security, human security". Li Zhonghou reporter Qi Lin相关的主题文章:

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