Angry anger caused deafness and tinnitus try these conditioning method

Angry anger caused deafness and tinnitus try these conditioning method anger Wang, is the Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine category, the use of "fire" to describe some of the symptoms of heat in the body. Summer is a season in the most exuberant season, for human anger so angry, what performance? One of the eight kinds of excessive liver heat evil evil stasis resistance type. Because of pregnancy after blood poly child support, Chong Chong Sheng, with the liver and stomach gas caused by inverse gas. In the usual brash women in vomiting after eating bitter or vomiting, dizziness and bitter taste. Should the liver and stomach Jiangni vomiting. Available jiaweiwendan Decoction (tangerine peel, pinellia, Poria, licorice, citrus, bamboo shavings, Scutellaria, Coptis chinensis, reed rhizome, Ophiopogon japonicus). The headache syndrome of headache. Because of the disturbance caused by the fire, "in the treatment of different kinds of diseases?" "headache, wind disturbance on stiffener vigilance, liver Yang rising, shaking the sea of marrow". In the top of the head and head ache, dizziness, irritability, irritability, restless sleep, pulse string etc.. Zhi Yi Ping Gan Qianyang, with Tianmagouteng Decoction, mother of Pearl pill. And if the hepatobiliary Huosheng may be Longdan Xiegan decoction or angelica longhui pills. The anger in tinnitus and deafness "medical yuan to ear?". On the upside because of anger and deafness tinnitus, good anger, red face, mouth pain hypochondriac pain, ear plugs, pulse string are expanding. Due to liver and kidney homologous kidney opens into the ear, the liver can cause deafness. Appropriate treatment for hepatic fire, etc. available Longdan Xiegan decoction. A fire vertigo, found in the "treatment of vertigo" chapter meeting?. Due to the lack of water in the kidney, liver and gallbladder fire caused by inflammation. The symptoms of dizziness and headache, red fire, mouth pain, red eyes, red tongue, pulse string number. Can be seen in modern hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc.. Because the liver opens into the eyes, liver meridian upward in the top of the top. Is the fire, in order to Qinggan Xiehuo, Longdan Xiegan Decoction; Yin deficiency, Yi Yin, with Zhibaidihuang pill. The menstruation advanced menstruation syndrome type of. From "woman" recipe, cause whole liver injury, liver heat, heat rejection Chongren, forced by blood folly. In the line of advance, the amount of less time, color red or purple, or have a bruise, breast and abdominal pain, irritability etc.. Treatment should be Shugan Jieyu heat, with Danzhi Xiaoyao san. One of the liver heat treatment in spontaneous sweating, "Hui sweat disease" chapter?. Because the liver caused by heat, often bitter and see more sleep. Treatment should be available Qinggan sweating, Xiaoyao san. The liver inflammation is manifested as the upper thermal image or with Upshoot features of liver disease, such as dizziness, red eyes, mouth pain, irritability, red tongue tip, even fainting, mad, vomiting etc.. TCM believes that "characteristics of fire flame fire", so the performance of upper body disease. Treatment should be Shugan fire, available tzk etc.. Hepatopyretic lying in "Mai Zhi" cause of volume three, refers to the liver caused by insomnia. By excessive anxiety, anger or fire against, liver injury, liver blood Haoshang, and keep a god. Because of the "liver storing soul", the fire is exhausted. In the night lying restless, good surprise, thirsty to drink, xielei expansion when, or abdominal pain from the pain even Jixie, genitals, pulse string number. Zhi Yi Shu Gan Qing fire.相关的主题文章:

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