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"And to" Eros: love and writing, is the most enduring presence in the world science fiction title: Eros and to author: Zhang Dinghao editor: Yang Xiaoyan Wu Di published: 2016.8 price: 38 press: New Star Press Book Brand: new classic, amber [introduction] author Zhang Dinghao, under the pseudonym waits, was born in Anhui in 1976 we worked for a magazine, Shanghai. The author of essays "not only to see the gentleman: past times", the book of poetry and criticism "for", "my translation: Six non speech" etc.. In 2016, he won the first prize in literature for the book "I love everything that is not complete.". [Abstract] "and" income "to the first love Bookstore prize winner Zhang Dinghao nearly ten years writing literary essays more than 20 papers. The involved, from Graham? Green, Alice? Monroe, Auden to Bbu Lhotzky, from "Stoner" to "no worry River dissolute man", is the basic of writers and works of the author of love. In a sense, it is a Book of reading and a Book of writing. The author in reading writing and explore the secret, complete the mission of reading in writing. He thinks that good writing is to be loved, and good reading is to love. [directory]   Eros and to "heaven" reading — 1 — 13 — 18 mental life "you must master the heavy kind" — 23 follow your heart writing — 29 my understanding of Haruki Murakami and the other 33 — Alice Monroe? – 39 Truman Capote:? Reconstruction and common people’s daily conversation — 43 between zero and one of the 49 "Stoner", or order – Love – 55 – 82 and the end of the beginning of literature and life — 88 Pamuk "naive and sentimental novelist" — 93 Ezra Pound? – Eliot: 98 T.S. as a critic, creator of the voice – – 104 poems to witness — 111 to 116 civilization to please a shadow — 128 courtship from nonliving persons — 141 private humanity theory — 149 true love And life truly is — 170 sad and happy — 179 love and mercy novels — 190 you my literature — 204 of passion — 213 idle joy — 225 — the origin and the corresponding translation notes of 228 — 233 a third person reading readme — [242 the appreciation in the book] verse can be found everywhere, excerpts from some readers. About writing: * writing itself, in its best sense, has been a desire, is to feel abundance and lack of process. In writing, people feel the body is empty, and the feeling is what new things are full; a person feel constantly by some external force leads to rise, also seems to feel all the time.相关的主题文章:

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