After 80 girls raise 800 thousand dream Quzhou has a public library aspack

After 80 girls raise 800 thousand dream Quzhou has a public library Shuiting door there is a "semi study" at the lighthouse Shuiting door on both sides of the street lights and side was lit, people began to look for heart belongs here, eat and drink, play, music, to meet the various needs of the people, is very lively. Compared to Shuiting door on the main street downtown, not far away from the Camp Street is a bit deserted. Half the study is right here. You want to find it does not seem to be an easy task, the first time around in your street, go to the street, did not smell the fragrance of books; once again find, in a neat row of houses, saw a dent in the house. Look, this is half study we are looking for. "". The facade is not not to say, the three word Menbian is very simple. "A half court flowers and study, and study with time." In the study, the first thing is not many books, but two words, this is the study of the people who love books, a dream. Soon, to see the Quzhou half study founder Weng Qinya, surprisingly, this is a young girl. She and her companion in just 2 months time, the overgrown waste house becomes a scholarly overflowing study. Although this is her dream, she is carrying more hope of the soul of the pure land. "Half the study" interior Zhejiang news client correspondent Luo Dongzhe taken more than and 10 years of dreams into action, who have been friends stop is a girl Qinya Jiangshan Weng "80", graduated from the East China Normal University of education, and obtained a doctorate. At present, it is a teacher in the education management major of Teacher Education College of Quzhou University. "More than and 10 years ago, when I was about to go to graduate school, has been the dream of a slow and can be self-cultivation, elegant living space." However, in studying Weng Qinya and no leisure time, are buried in the school every day. "At that time, just think about it, because there is no clear carrier, and in addition to love reading, there are ideas, I have no experience in operating." On weekdays, Weng Qinya house, love nest at home reading. "Because I didn’t find a good cultural space." Last year, the occasional passing Shuiting door, she was here antique atmosphere to attract, so she wants a slow life space idea is more and more intense. So, she will be passed on to friends and family, I did not expect, was the majority of the opposition. "People are not optimistic about the study, they believe that people who love reading less and less, the vitality of the study will not last long." Not only is the family, that she had the idea of founding the study, good friends have stood up to stop, friends said she did not want to be easy to accumulate savings into the water. Many people opposed to Qinya Weng is very frustrated, she also admitted that want to run a study, revitalize the sources and funding issues are. Working in Wenzhou Shijie that Weng Qinya have this idea, he told her that Cangnan has a "semi study", was founded in order to raise public mode, only one year has a very wide radiating surface. The elder sister, Weng Qinya and Cangnan "study" on the butt. Originally was more than and 20 like-minded people together to create, in order to have a place to read, exchange, did not expect to start.相关的主题文章:

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