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A letter from parents, let you feel the charm of online education! The latest increase in education information, science education, professional education, all in here this time met with the seaside small seafarers and the parents have to hear about their sea in the learning experience both touched and warm word of a sentence in the transfer to the seaside love the new semester has begun to believe that there will be more the sailors and parents will love the seaside beach education thank you by the flight of time. Suddenly, he has been learning Xuan in the sea for nearly a year. I often feel that the sea is really a charming place, the children have been deeply attracted by the sea after the classroom. I remember last summer, in the parents to help see the sea launched a dollar class, holding a try to give the child a child in the psychology of mathematics. The young and energetic teacher Wang Xin. A few classes down, the children like, said: "Mom, give me the sea, the teacher lecture is great!" Obviously, the child is very fond of this way of teaching, Xin lectures less clear, the way the classroom interaction fun and rewarding way to greatly mobilize the child’s enthusiasm for learning. Because of love, the child did not hesitate to report on the language, mathematics. Teach the language of the super handsome teacher is indeed the Beijing University student, not only knowledgeable, and humorous, with the child’s words: "super handsome is always eighteen." Originally like the daughter of literature, in the seaside under the guidance of the Chinese language, nearly a year to read a number of classics, literary literacy has been greatly improved. The teacher let the children fully appreciate the charm of the seaside classroom, tutoring teachers in the process of learning the child, give the child a lot of help, so that the child’s performance continues to improve. The math teacher training children every day in the bridge after correcting homework in time every day, to explain to the children. In mathematics learning to teach children learning methods and learning skills, so that children learn to get timely feedback. What is more, the children meet a math problem, is always the first thought of looking for the teacher to solve the bridge. Because the bridge teacher no matter how busy, always in time to answer children’s questions, this often touched me! My daughter told me that the teacher or the famous seaside Bridge Song, "sing" the skateboard shoes off! It seems the teacher is not only the God of Learning figures, also a stunt! Chinese teacher is a bright gentle and patient big sister. Every time I listen to her explanation are inspiring, I feel wonderful! The beginning of the semester, in order to guide the children to learn the effective reading teacher, shining every day at work, still in the Q group advocating children read. I remember reading Long Yingtai "watched" when she every time in each group sent to read the article reading outline, summary after learning to everybody. Sometimes see nearly 12 in the evening, the teacher still summed up in the hair studded also moved more than reading, particularly distressed, encountered such a serious and responsible efforts to ease the good teacher, the child is so lucky. Indeed, every teacher at the seaside is like this, just like the parent group said: the seaside teacher, each of the pretty fight! It is with these teachers, believe that the sea will stay相关的主题文章:

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