A girl playing in Changsha fell straight into the pencil ear (video) ssport

A girl playing in Changsha fell straight into the pencil ear after the original title: Changsha a girl in the family play fell straight into the ear after the pencil into the pencil behind the right ear sissy. Changsha palm Changsha September 20th evening news today, Ms. Lee hugged crying daughter Sisi (a pseudonym), rushed into the Changsha central hospital emergency department, "doctor, come and see my daughter!" the doctor at the back of a pencil in the girl’s ear into the body, only the end exposed broken about 1 cm, the injury is not optimistic. Ms. Lee to see 6 year old sitting on the sofa to write sissy, will go to the kitchen to cook, I did not expect just a few minutes, heard her daughter with a cry and cry, ran to look, her daughter was injured. Sisi cried, she finished writing with a pencil and play down pencil inserted into her ear. The CT scans showed that the pencil ramp into the CC’s right parotid gland and the infratemporal fossa, near the maxillary artery, to the surgery more difficult. The surgical team carefully separated the pencil and the surrounding soft tissue, a little bit of the pencil pulled out, while the standby assistant ready at any time in case of massive hemorrhage to rescue. Finally, the sharp head slowly pulled out, no damage and large vessels, film examination, no residual foreign body. The Central Hospital Department of ENT physician Zhou Dinggang introduction, in daily life, parents should try not to let the sharp objects in preschool children with hard, play, not play while running and jumping. In case a foreign body into the body, should immediately seek medical treatment, do not blindly pull out, so as to avoid injury of peripheral blood vessels, or cause foreign body retention in fracture. (Changsha evening news reporter Peng Fang correspondent Wang Manjing,) recommended Video: Xiangtan girl fell into the pencil head home相关的主题文章:

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