Wu, Yang Yang advocated exposure of female love together caxa实体设计

"Wu move back" that day exposure of female to join Yang Yang Zhang Tianai Zhang Tianai Zhang Tianai Zhang Tianai Ling Qing bamboo portrait of Shi Lingqing Sina bamboo entertainment news by blue Tianjin television media Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "blue film") produced, the famous director Zhang Li [micro-blog] in directed, adapted from the novel of the same name of the TV series "energy-saving Wu move back" Yang Yang, finalized in the [micro-blog] star Lin, female flowers who have become urgent puzzles. Recently, the "Wu," officially announced by Zhang Tianai featuring Ling Qing bamboo in a corner, the crown princess will lead people to the interpretation of the tender Swordswomen, train of thought. Zhang Tianai Zhang Tianai played the new costume made to attack gas Princess Zhang Pengpeng became popular actress, in reality is not only beautiful temperament, is also the thousands of fans in the eyes of the "husband", her costumes full seductive, also a successful interpretation of every corner of color. The Zhang Tianai in the "Wu" in costume, portrait, shaping the unforgettable "elegant goddess Ling Qing bamboo. It is worth mentioning that, "Wu" is Yang Yang and Zhang Tianai, two cooperation works, two people familiar with each other with male and female. A touch of Zen also tenderness unparalleled Ling Qing bamboo God to restore the "Wu move back" tells the story of a young girl in the process of road Hangxiazhangyi the growth story is inspirational elements not only punish evils, save the whole positive energy, blood road is also no lack of human emotion, pro, friends, love three love and full of warmth. The Ling Qing bamboo can be regarded as a goddess by fans fans, not only her face with high cold temperament in the world, but she is gone in countless Kuangfu justice, and even repeated rescue move a pedestrian in distress, the witness Lin lofty aspirations and become "great swordsman", a the woman’s chivalrous feelings touching. Between Ling Qing bamboo behavior revealed a touch of Zen with wisdom and tenacity, calm mind, very carefully, but it is rare for in her heart that Lin vowed tenderness. After Lin lost a loved one should not Huanhuan, Ling Qing bamboo lost on the offensive, but on the side of the silent guard, sensible to make people feel bad, if people move among force and soft Ling Qing bamboo corner "for HeineKen" MAX. In the light blue film, let the story will be visible, the original story was Chinese for the audience. It is reported that the "Wu" actor, creative officer will be announced, then will enter a period of shooting wildly beating gongs and drums. A vast "martial craze sweeping. (commissioning editor: Sisi)相关的主题文章:

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