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In the U.S. presidential election took these understand why, even if you win? – Sohu culture channel in the United States, in addition to support the red state of the state of the Republican Party and the support of the blue state, there are some so-called swing states". How to win the support of voters in key swing states has always been a top concern for presidential candidates, which often determine the success or failure of the campaign. An assistant researcher at the Institute of American studies, China Academy of Social Sciences, Dr. Diao Daming explained that: fragments of a swing state, a minority of voters about the election results of this segment reflects the swing state in the US election. Because in addition to Maine and Nebraska two states, most states adopted a winner takes all the principles to decide electoral results, so lead to a strange phenomenon in Ohio so the so-called "key swing states". Under the framework of the two parties, the majority of states have a more stable political orientation in a given period, such as California is currently the Democratic Party’s seat, and Texas is the Republican territory. This resulted in the election, the country’s population occupy 1/8 of California and 1/10 Texas will be classified into different political parties, would not be the candidates of the two parties concerned area. Instead, such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Nevada, Iowa, New Mexico and other states, although only 1/5 of the United States, but the two candidates winning game winning a hotly contested spot. In these so-called key swing states, Ohio, with 18 electoral votes, is really crucial. Statistics show that from 1896 to 2012, the 30 presidential election, won the state of Ohio and ultimately did not win the situation only in 1944 and in 1960, the two, we can see the decisive significance. So this is why, in the paragraph Philip? Hoffman’s aides said, "game over", shows the importance of Ohio. It is noteworthy that in the 2016 election, Hilary and Trump in Ohio’s election is also very anxious, even once Telangpulve have this advantage, Ohio is a continuation of magical record or exception, we can only wait and see. Fragment two: expression of public opinion on the primary error this paragraph show the complete "Iowa caucus primaries" (caucus) the specific operation situation of a meeting point. Is divided into a constituency of a party voters can participate in the constituency of the party caucuses and primaries, the meeting place for the school playground, sports fields can accommodate multiple activity opportunities in the open places. The caucus, different from the general vote, in the course of the meeting, all have clear supporters, the first round stand, a minimum number of supporters will be told to support other candidates, so again and again, a few rounds down, eventually won the most support. What is mentioned in the paragraph requires the support of 30 people, which is the most basic level of the scale of supporters. It is worth mentioning that this approach will take a lot of time, and thus the enthusiasm of the political participation and the time is relatively well-off young people, may be involved in a lot, but for those who have the pressure of life in the middle class.相关的主题文章:

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