Today, 1000 to 1019 Jiangsu unified air raid warning 魔界骑士イングリッド

10:00 to 10:19 this morning, Jiangsu province unified air raid warning aerial view: Mid Autumn Festival, the Japanese invaders in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall ushered in the peak tourist. Jiangsu network vision for Yangzi Evening News (reporter Chou Huidong) according to the "People’s Republic of China people’s air defense law" and the Jiangsu provincial civil defense bureau "on the" 9, 18 "air defense siren notice" requirements, in September 18th the air raid siren on 10:00 to 10:19 today, the province unified air raid alarm. Today, the air raid siren sequence is as follows: 10:00 to 10:03, a pre alarm; 10:08 to 10:11, a 10:16 air raid alarm; 10:19, airing disarm the alarm. During the trial period of the air defense alarm, the general public should be allowed to maintain normal working and living order. Daily economic news reporter learned that the province’s cities will be combined with some of the alarm alert community organizations and schools for emergency evacuation drills. Not to participate in the emergency evacuation drills in the people heard the air raid siren sound signal, can pay attention to all kinds of alarm signal, but do not need to take any action. The production enterprises, construction site staff, to adhere to the production, construction, the implementation of safety measures; car drivers to concentrate, safe driving, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. In public places, shops, theaters, station, street square, park, hotel and other personnel not crowded. Reporters learned that, from last year, the Nanjing air defense alarm trial date from the previous December 13th adjusted to September 18th. The annual "12, 13" national memorial ceremony will be a warning, a specific way of superior departments carried out according to the relevant decisions.相关的主题文章:

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