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Faye Wong Dou Wei love story movie "the youth song" project Dou Wei, Faye Wong plateau, 1905 movie network on September 29th afternoon, the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio Film Bureau released on 2016 09 (early) national film scripts (abstracts) Notice of filing, project publicity. 2016 09 – 09 – – 10, 2009, the national processing of the record of a total of 83 films, of which the modern theme of the 68, accounting for 81.93%, the history of the theme of the 15, accounting for 18.07%. In addition, the national record of 2 animated films, documentaries, science and education film each of the 1, special film of the 2. Among them, Faye Wong and Dou Wei tells the story of "music of the youth singing" official project, Su Zhaobin’s fantasy film "from the new world" and Wanda Toupai "Wukong heaven" are also on the face. "The youth singing": or to see the shadow of Dou Wei Faye Wong "to sing" the youth "Youth Project" is sung plateau in August 2015 published a Book of pictures, the plateau is Dou Wei’s second wife, also a famous photographer, this book records the life image of last century 90s China rock circle. Early in this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the movie version of "the youth" has finished the exposed part of the message, to be invited to serve as director Lu Chuan. The film is officially approved, the outline of the story is: in the early 90s, four young people flying in the youth Zhang Chutian, Dou Xiao domain, He Jingwen, the formation of the "black angel" rock band. On the road of music, they experienced the success and failure, and experienced the test of friendship, love and affection. In confusion, frustration, introspection, they go to maturity. It is not difficult to find that the names of the characters are very familiar with the film, it seems that you can see Zhang Chu, Dou Wei, and the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of. "From the new world": Su Zhaobin "sword rain" after the incursion in June this year, Tai Shing International Film released a single chip, including the "from the new world", also played this slogan: the famous writer Su Zhaobin with science fiction incursion, urban fantasy monster force cross line crisis triggered at any moment. "From the new world" is Su Zhaobin in the blockbuster "sword rain" again after directed, from the plot outline, the film hole in the brain: the birthplace of Europe is quite a variety of demons and ghosts legend in Romania, only 4 of the monster blood harpy Suzaku Ni involved in turning the whole world into a monster to count the plot also met the man she waited for one hundred years. Even in the heaven can not be together, but still can not stop the two to close to the heart. In addition, Wanda Toupai "Wukong heaven" also officially approved, film screenwriter for Hu Zhanghong, Wang Yuan, Sun Wukong tells the monkey king story. But from the story, and Donnie Yen’s "journey to the west of the heaven" was little new.相关的主题文章:

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