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The state investigation unreasonable low price tour "double 11" online travel business promotion becomes cautious (original title: National YanZha unreasonable low price tour "double 11" online travel business promotion according to the sound of Chinese becomes cautious) "peak Evening News" reported that the "double 11" is coming, the online travel business promotional war has opened scene. However, the beginning of October, the National Tourism Administration has repeatedly thorough investigation of "unreasonable low price tour", and recently criticized the Ctrip, the same way, the way cattle, donkey mother 9 "rectification is not in place of the enterprise. Reporters found that this double 11, online travel business promotion war is very cautious. After being criticized by the National Tourism Administration, 9 tourism companies have said: to fully cooperate with the competent authorities in charge of tourism, to resist unreasonable cheap tour. Ctrip from the platform to access and supervision of unreasonable cheap travel, set the warning price, and take the initiative to more than and 100 alleged unreasonable low price of tourism products shelf. Right now, double 11 is coming, Ctrip once again under the shelf a number of alleged unreasonable low price products and suppliers, in addition, the client and the site’s search shield low, guide the rational consumption of tourists. Tian Fei introduction, "automatic monitoring of all products of the price schedule system, if there is abnormal low, the system will issue a warning, will be transferred to the corresponding operators and artificial audit." Was also criticized with the way tourism said that before the "double 11" season, they have asked the customer service department, to deal with "unreasonable low price tour" triggered by complaints, said that with the way tourism Changya fan, "must be quickly disposed of within 24 hours, check immediately after the relevant line do offline processing. And for a full refund for users." When the double 11 promotions in the national regulation, promotion war also play up? According to the reporter related provinces announced the "tourism integrity cost", 9 travel agencies named login to search keywords, do not see the "cost price" was significantly lower than that of the line, less than 5000 yuan of North America Europe and other overseas travel with the group and 1000 yuan Thailand tours and other low line basic line. Relevant person in charge told reporters on the way cattle Network, they page on "low", "free shopping expense" product line have carried out strict screening, especially check "South Korea Tour", "Thailand Tour" products such as: low group are generally short-term exit, such as going to South Korea, the direction of Thailand group more. The problem is indeed rectification, mainly against the group does not meet the specification. On the Internet to see products are reviewed, and now are in line with the norms, and the price is transparent, open." The reporter finds out that compared with the same period last year in large scale, great variety of "double 11" promotions, online travel agencies this year propaganda is obviously a lot of low-key, not only take simple and crude "straight down" and "below" and other words, none of the way for discount vouchers, and non direct price promotions. At present, the promotion of tourism enterprises launched mainly to send red envelopes, special fares, explosion lines, such as spike, and even tourism companies to introduce tourism products through live video. Interview, Ctrip also said that this year相关的主题文章:

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