[Sina] Harbin Medical Center Director Li Xiaoxing three Red Cross Hospital pregnant women in late pr 月丘うさぎ

[Sina] Harbin Medical Center Director Li Xiaoxing three Red Cross Hospital: pregnant women in late pregnancy should be how to self care throughout pregnancy, pregnant mother to the hospital in addition to the regular antenatal examination, should be under the guidance of a doctor, self care every day on fetal growth and development, which can eliminate the ideological concerns, and can assist doctors to detect abnormal, then do the symptoms appear immediately when medical treatment, ensure the safety of mother and infant. The day before, Harbin City Red Cross Center Hospital three treated a 39 weeks of pregnancy, fetal intrauterine fetal death in pregnant women. According to doctors, the pregnant women of fetal day conscious restlessness, gradually reducing fetal movement, did not cause enough attention, until the fetal movement disappeared to remember to go to the hospital to check. Upon examination, the fetus has died in utero. After birth, the umbilical cord was found to be thin, tightly twisted and tightly wound on the upper limb of the fetus. The pregnant women because of abnormal fetal movement without timely medical treatment led to the consequences of intrauterine fetal death. In this, Harbin City Red Cross Center Hospital Department Director Li Xiaoxing pointed out that some of the complications of pregnancy may cause fetal death, such as gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, due to the importance of these diseases can be controlled in the early pregnant women will make smooth delivery. The umbilical cord and placenta factors are sudden, unpredictable, pregnant women not only to do a good job on a regular basis prenatal examination, but also to learn self-care. In order to ensure the safety of mother and child, the director Li Xiaoxing introduced for pregnant mothers during pregnancy detection means, several simple as follows: first, the fetal movement is fetal muscles and skeletal movement, which has encouraged kick, burping and respiratory movement, most easily perceived mother. Usually the first feeling is quickening at 18 weeks of gestation and 20 weeks, but it is weak, since the 28 week of fetal movement gradually increased, and then decreased at term. Each fetus has its own rhythm and movement frequency, normal movement per hour 3 to 5 times, pregnant women every day early, late fixed time fetal movement counting for one hour, 3 hours of fetal numbers by 4, 12 hours more than 30 times that of normal fetal, in good condition. The first is the fetal growth in early fetal hypoxia, or intermittent agitation, and the movement is less than 20 times 12 hours that the fetus may have abnormal fetal movement, less than 10 times 12 hours indicates fetal severe hypoxia has been unable to move. The movement gradually reduced the number of fetal and even dying. Two, fetal heart to listen to fetal heart is a more sensitive basis to determine fetal safety. The normal fetal heart rate 120 times – 160 times, fetal heart rate is too high or too low, after fetal fetal heart rate did not change, is fetal hypoxia, fathers can be ear back where the maternal abdominal wall on the birth, you can hear the fetal heart. Finally, director Li Xiaoxing reminded the pregnant mother, when fetal intrauterine hypoxia, fetal abnormalities, fetal movement generally first disappeared, 12-24 hours after the fetal heart sound before it disappeared. So, once the pregnant mother feel abnormal fetal movement and decreased fetal movement or excessive fetal severe must go to the hospital immediately, so as not to delay the best time to save the life of the fetus.相关的主题文章:

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