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In order to get the man riding in the vehicle running speed instrument through Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zhu Zhaoye Lin Qingzhi photo) November 19th 6 pm, in the Thai town of Taizhou bridge south high-speed toll station, Zhenjiang three high-speed traffic police brigade police to carry out key violations special rectification period, a stolen on the highway two wheel motorcycle through checking the cart in. After the police on duty found in a timely manner to stop it. It is understood that the motorcycle driver of more than one who lives in Zhenjiang City, because going to Taixing friends with musical instruments, he drove the ordinary two motorcycles this car license plates alone, starting from the Zhenjiang area along a road Jingang avenue to the East District of toll station and toll station staff, in the context of communication and he will direct the motorcycle on the highway, and the way to the direction of Taizhou gallops, did not expect to just a few kilometers traveling in Taizhou South toll station police chajiu. The police carried out serious criticism of a dangerous behavior, in making the punishment on illegal behavior, and arrange the patrol car to lead the way, take him away from the highway safety belt from the back of the rural road.相关的主题文章:

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