Samsung China forced employees kneel false called Thanksgiving dealers 霍金hawking

Samsung China forced employees kneel false called Thanksgiving dealers recently in Samsung Shijiazhuang fairs, according to friends broke the news, in order to let the dealer orders, Samsung China forced management to collective knees. From the picture of the C9 Pro Galaxy, the picture should be just recently shot, so the higher the authenticity. According to the "old old" broke, broke the news, in order to make dealer orders, Samsung in the provincial dealer meeting Chinese forced area management of collective knees, even hand pressure on employees’ head down. It is worth noting that this netizen also claimed to be the world’s first version of the Note7 Samsung security bomb witness. "South Korea’s" kneel "in their culture is actually a ‘gift’, is respect for each other, they do not know the difference in the China." A media person responsible for docking to the first financial reporter confirmed that Samsung had "kneel down" incident. The sources said that Samsung did not force employees for Korean Chinese gift, the reason is in the Note7 event, after the incident, the Samsung Samsung dealers are still under a lot of other product orders, adversity, and respect for moving, Samsung executives asked dealers to kneel "gift", Chinese executives also very touched, then kneel down to salute. Original title: "Samsung forced Chinese staff called real dealers do not kneel Thanksgiving explosion doors continue to order" editor: Zhang Hailei相关的主题文章:

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