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The British drama "us" face the ethical dilemma – Beijing family line "and then there were none" "us" aired by fans to sniff out "Agatha" taste, the story unfolds, a faint but classic "Snow Hill kill mode: Adam and Grace from each other, childhood sweetheart Xu, how two people in the back after the honeymoon was brutally murdered. The two families were shocked and confused. However, the murderer was in after the killing of two couples of second night driving farm fled to the doings of ghosts and gods, but a storm, his car off the road. When the two family found him, he was found to have been seriously injured, they face a terrible dilemma…… With the perspective of switching to farm this closed environment, seriously injured "murderer" were killed throat, the murderer has gradually surfaced. Many people see this drama is in honor of Agatha, because of the closed space, everyone in the village has become the killer of suspects, the show’s name is one of us hint — (one of us). The audience instantly think of BBC last year "" no survivors: eight people received be strangers to each other as "Mr. Erwin" signed a letter of invitation at the same time, the boat came to a villa on the island, they received only housekeeper couples, Mr Erwin did not appear to invite people. A hearty dinner, the room came a phonograph mysterious male, a ten past murder…… A few days later, there was no one in the house. "Us" ending although not the players all died, but similar to the struggle and the demands of characters in the circumstances of their limit, people will struggle to the dark side of human nature, there are people on the expression of legal and social disappointment. Around the mountains around the farm, the only outlet is the door, but the door was blocked by police and reporters; isolated farms become outside the law. To investigate the female officer for her daughter to raise money, some people involved in drug trafficking; the girlfriend is raped, but only unpunished crime. And "no one survives" is different, "no one survives" is the focus of the strangers suspicion, collision, and "we" choose "family line", the collision around two family, in addition to the murderer to wash your own white, still have scruples about whether they want to protect the plant head. The plot to play into play because the main ethical reasoning "family mode", so in the characters and the plot "us" embedding, adding a lot of "family ethic elements", and in the end, reasoning elements and ethical elements interaction. The first couple killed plot is leading the way, this farm massacre to know that the two people began to dislike each other, but because the children love to make two people reluctant to become one family. In fact, the relationship between the two is much more complex than the surface, the death of the two children so that the complex ethical relations gradually surfaced. "Ethical dilemma among us" is the biggest discovery is the wife and daughter "Pharaoh" children born after the affair should be how to do? Father Bill found himself suffering from Parkinson’s disease, so let the child to do a physical examination, accident"相关的主题文章:

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