Details see chapter! Your name. Details is like God 若槻ゆうか

Details see chapter! Your name. "Details is like God new Haicheng director’s latest work" your name. "Not released until the five day of gains of one billion and two hundred million yen (about 78 million 350 thousand yuan) at the box office. Not only at the box office all the way, also take advantage of high reputation. There are Japanese filmmakers predict that the film is expected to exceed six billion yen (about RMB 390 million). Your name. "Not only in the drama, performance and music, there are a lot of the focus of discussion, the scene of the film also attracted the attention of the game session. Your name. "The story takes place over a month to visit once every thousand years in the return of the comet, a Japanese mountain country town. Lived a sad life here in the female high school students every day and she worries the clover, not only as the father of the mayor’s election campaign, there is a shrine of ancient customs. In this small town is surrounded by love and worry about the old man, for the Three Gorges is full of longing for the metropolis. But one day, I made a dream of being a boy. There is a strange room, strange friends, and the eyes of the streets of Tokyo. Clover although confused, but to yearn day and night of city life, let her feel refreshed. On the other hand, living in Tokyo, male high school students spend long Li also made a strange dream, he became a female high school students in a small town in the mountains had never been. Two people in this dream met each other. There are friends in the film in a scene found that the film was actually used SHARP’s old computer X68000". After the director Makoto Shinkai also confirmed the news I. After the director and Makoto Shinkai posted online in the "X68000" behind the picture on the wall of combustible waste is labeled "can be written off adorable garbage" which makes people very friendly, many viewers said to think of his student. Of course, in the movie little surprise and not only that, not only the "X68000" computer, "and even" metal gear solid, Nintendo GAMECUBE, SONY PS and other early game activities. There is so much information in a picture, it looks like your name. Known as the "God still have a reason. [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章:

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