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The implementation of the reform of the management system of the municipal medical insurance to implement the "Three Guarantees" Fujian daily app- November 5th new Fujian (reporter Chu Baishan) today, the province of all districts in Pingtan city and comprehensive implementation of the reform of the management system of experimentation area, the municipal medical insurance, medical insurance system to implement the "Three Guarantees a". Provincial Party Committee Organization Committee, provincial health reform office recently issued opinions and notice requirements in the City Finance Bureau to add city medical security management bureau brand, will be scattered in the departments of social insurance for urban workers, urban residents medical insurance, maternity insurance and management responsibilities, new rural health departments to the centralized procurement management responsibilities, drug management responsibilities, the medical service price management responsibilities of the price department, the Civil Affairs Department of the medical relief duties undertaken by the City Health Bureau unified, centralized management. The establishment of the District City medical insurance fund management center, commissioned by the city health insurance administration, the county (city) to set up a medical insurance fund management agency, as a district hospital medical center agency. City Health Bureau of relatively independent operation, its organization and personnel according to the provincial health insurance office into practice from the relevant departments, the preparation and personnel and increase supervision of medical services and medical insurance information system construction and drug delivery, settlement and other functions, ensure medical security work to have a professional team to implement. In the process of the reform of health care system in cities and counties, the province will promote urban and rural residents health insurance fund and medical insurance for urban workers basic medical insurance fund and the municipal co-ordination, integration of information system synchronization, unified administration directory, clinics directory, service standards, and according to the different level of financing, making differential reimbursement. According to the requirements of institutional integration, system transfer, personnel in place tasks in November will be basically completed within. Provincial Health Reform Office will be in December on the integration of all aspects of health care management system reform supervision. >相关的主题文章:

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