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Legal Cosmetic or plastic surgery is a growing industry in the United Kingdom. It is mainly provided by surgeons operating in private hospitals and under a contract with the patient. However, what happens if you undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery and something goes wrong? Who is at fault and is there anything you can do about it? Should you fight for compensation for scarring and corrective surgery or let it pass? There is a growing divide in this country about the advisability together with the benefits of cosmetic surgery. On the one hand there is criticism of patients who refer themselves to plastic surgeons because they have been heavily exposed to advertising and clever marketing ploys, which even go so far as to offer "two procedures for the price of one" or "introduce a friend and you will receive a substantial discount" along the lines of offers promoted by supermarkets. The flip side of the coin is the argument that increasing numbers of ordinary people wish to change their appearance because they have perfectly justifiable concerns about their appearance. A lot of problems for which people seek surgery may be labelled as cosmetic, but in fact they cause embarrassment to the patient and often to such an extent that psychological symptoms occur resulting, for example, in an inability to form or remain in a relationship. Ethical and experienced plastic surgeons describe people who come to their clinics as average men and women who are not like Victoria Beckham or Jordan, but who simply feel that their lives will be better if their appearance is changed in some way or another. Many have saved for a period of time to be able to afford the surgery because they are so committed to having it done. There are many procedures and the following are an example of some of them :- * Breast surgery. * » Breast augmentation, breast reduction, mastopexy (breast uplift). * » Breast reconstruction. * Facial surgery. * » Rhinoplasty (nose). * » Otoplasty (ears). * » Facial rejuvenation surgery, Face lifts. * Eyelid surgery upper and lower. * » Scarring. * Abdominoplasty. * Liposuction. * Scarring. * Skin tumours/melanoma. * Genital surgery to include labial and penile reconstruction. What Should You Do? If you believe that your plastic surgeon has been negligent you should consult a specialist medical negligence solicitor and ask for a free initial consultation. You will th en be able to discover your options and make an informed decision about future corrective surgery, and also whether you wish to make a claim for compensation. 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