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Are you a drug addict? Most people take offense at that question. Of course not, they answer indignantly. But if you drink coffee, tea, or cola, or consume chocolate every day like nearly 90% of the population in North America, the answer is yes! In fact, caffeine ranks as the world’s most widely-used, mood-altering drug. How can you tell if you’re addicted? Stop using it for 24 hours and see if you experience any of these symptoms: headache fatigue or drowsiness bad moods, including irritability or depression trouble concentrating flu-like symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, and weakness If you do, count yourself among the addicted. So should you eliminate caffeine? Experts from both ends of the spectrum will tell you absolutely yes, or no, don’t worry about it. Not much help, is it? What is Caffeine? A naturally-occurring, plant-derived element found in coffee beans, tea, kola nuts, and nearly 60 more plants, by itself odorless and colorless. A powerful substance that affects the chemistry of the brain, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and acts as a diuretic of the kidneys, both increasing the need to urinate while inhibiting fluid absorption. Effects of Caffeine Caffeine hits the body fast, as soon as 15 minutes, but it takes six hours or more to rid caffeine effects from the body. Some researchers link many major health concerns to the consumption of caffeine, including: heart disease hypertension stomach ailments diabetes sleep disorders Others will tell you that in moderation, a cup of tea or a chocolate bar won’t hurt anybody, so why spoil one of life’s little pleasures. Is caffeine fatal? Yes, if you drink nearly 100 cups of coffee in rapid sucession. On the other hand, caffeine supplies zero nutrition. When listening to any "expert" opinion, do your homework. For example, one of the leading opponents of caffeine consumption markets a line of herbal supplements that claim to aid in caffeine withdrawal. Probably the best advice is to know yourself. If you love a morning cup of coffee, why not drink it? If you find yourself feeling bad and you think it’s because of caffeine, try cutting back. Cutting Back Gradual weaning will reduce or even eliminate the worst of caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Make the withdrawal period of time at least two weeks. If you drink 12 cans of soda per day, drink just 11 cans for a week or so and you probably won’t feel any symptoms. Substitute fruit juice for one of your caffeine beverages. Switch to decaffeinated coffee or herbal coffee. Note that decaffeinated coffee still contains some caffeine. Partake liberally in the miracle beverage–water! About the Author: Chrisi Brand has authored the book "How To Get Rid Of Caffeine & Have More Energy Instead" after seeing a strong need for people to drink less caffeine. 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