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Software Are you looking for a powerful electronic health record (EHR) system, along with an outstanding medical billing system for a small to medium sized practice? If so, look no further than McKesson Medisoft EHR. For many medical practices, Medisoft is not a new name. They’ve been using the award-winning medical billing software for years. The addition of Medisoft’s EMR can help you avoid billing disruptions, do away with the paper chase and missing chart shuffle and help you increase reimbursements by eliminating wasteful billing practices. Along the way, it can help you decrease inefficiency, reduce phone calls and enhance the quality of care you’re able to deliver to your patients. EHRs are just a few of the benefits and features you can expect when you choose McKesson Medisoft EHR as your electronic medical record system and medical billing solution. Options Tailored to Your Needs One of the biggest complaints about adopting a new system of documentation is the need to change the way you take notes. With Medisoft, that’s not an issue. Medisoft’s Bright Note technology adapts to you. You can enter patient notes with a stylus, a keyboard, transcription or dictation. You can even choose to use one of the many included templates or design one of your own. Easier Billing Billing can drain staff resources. Medisoft integrates your billing and your patient charts, making it easier for your back office to do its work. When you enter progress notes in the Medisoft EMR, the program automatically sends the procedure and diagnosis codes to a holding tank in the patient accounting module. Your billing staff can then review the charges and post them to transactions with a single click. No more time wasted entering data and no more bills rejected because of transcription errors. Eliminate Redundancy Why double the work for your staff? McKesson Medisoft EHR automatically creates a chart for new patients when that patient chart is created in Medisoft or Office Hours. How much easier could that be? A Chart is Just a Click Away Never wait for a nurse or medical assistant to deliver a chart again. Medisoft EHR allows you to instantly access the patient charts you need without having to call down to have them delivered or wait in line to get to it after specialists are done with it. One Screen Management Check everything you need to know from your dashboard, all on one screen. Review patient lists, incoming labs and test results, messages and incomplete notes, all from one place with no need to flip back and forth between views. Increased Communication Individual dashboards make it easier to send interoffice communications and include incoming documents in patient charts. With just one click, staff can file test results and reports in the patient chart while sending them to the attending physician for review. Improved Patient Care Take advantage of the internal database to get popup warnings for drug interactions, allergies and drugs that have not been effective with a particular patient. View formulary information and get dose advice easily and quickly as you’re prescribing. Best of all, McKesson Medisoft EHR has a really comfortable learning curve. You can start off slow and gradually increase your use of the program until your office is fully automated and using best practices in electronic health records and medical billing software. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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