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Marriage-Wedding Beautiful wedding decorations will create a good feel to the guests. A guest usually notices the wedding decorations and all the wedding arrangements. An awesome decoration idea will remain in the minds even after a long time and everyone can feel the pleasure of ambiance and perfectness in the arrangements. Something new and innovative ideas will often improve the wedding looks. But before making arrangements for the wedding decoration work, the most important aspect is to decide the theme. Though there are many decoration ideas that can be employed, but before that the bride and groom should decide the theme. If you plan for a traditional wedding then there are only few options, but for custom weddings there are more things can be done even beyond one’s imagination. Non-Traditional weddings are also becoming popular nowadays and every engaged couples likes to have a unique wedding. But the theme must be decided first no matter if it is traditional or non-traditional wedding. The color can be chosen only if the main theme is decided. So take your own time and consult with your partner and decide the theme. When selecting the theme consider the budget and weather of your wedding day. If you are planning for a budget wedding then prefer the wedding in the winter season as most of the Venues and wedding vendors can be easily available and at low rates. Most of the flowers can also available during these seasons and you can have a beautiful decoration with these flowers. Consult your florist regarding the selection of flowers and its colors. Some flowers that suits your color may not be available during the season or may be priced high. So make a list of all the available flowers and choose and alternate that matches your theme. By this way you can make the flower decorations within the budget and get lots of flowers at low prices that can be decorated in all the ways. Apart from the flowers, ribbons can be used in many places which will be beautiful along with the flowers. Apart from the flower decoration, there are other areas that can be concentrated on the decoration part are table decoration, chair covers, light arrangements, dishes in catering, wine glasses, napkins, wedding plates, candles, balloons and more. The table decoration with candles, flower petals can give a pleasant feel to the guests, since the guests will spend more time in the table. The most important area which need to be concentrated in the whole wedding is selecting the color and design of the wedding dress. The bridal dress should match with the theme and the groom dress should fit perfect. To have an entertainment and a romantic feel, music can be played in the Venue. Have a tray of chocolates, cookies and candies in the wedding table which mostly attracts the kids who really likes your wedding event. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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