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UnCategorized Long term disability income insurance can provide the way to economic sustenance following disability. Long term disability income insurance is geared towards helping someone pay off living expenses during that period that they are unable to work. A serious disease or injury may harm one’s health rendering the person incapable of working and therefore meeting the family’s day to day expenses. This kind of insurance offers paycheck protection by providing the policy holder with cash for direct spending on utilities like rent, groceries, car payments and even mortgage payments. The policy may also pay for specialized training or assistance required to enable the holder return to work. The guideline below outlines useful information on how to go about obtaining the right policy for you. Before engaging in the purchase of a long term disability income insurance policy, one should evaluate the benefits that may be eligible to obtain from the government, employer and other programs. Employee benefits: These may include worker’s compensation benefits for injuries that are work related. For short-term sicknesses, the employer may provide sick leave or short-term disability insurance. For longer illnesses, the employer may furnish the workers with long-term disability income insurance. Benefits from social security: Social security provides benefits for long term disability based on the employee’s salary and the number of years one has worked and made contributions to the social security kitty. To be eligible for benefits from the social security kitty, one must fulfill the following requirements: The worker must be disabled for an entire period of five months, the disability must be expected to last for a period of not less than 12 months or result in death and the worker must prove that they are unable to obtain gainful employment at any job (the incumbent job not withstanding) at the time the disability started. A worker who has been disabled on long term basis may also qualify for aids derived from special disability programs, state vocational rehabilitation programs and temporary disability programs. This kind of insurance also provides financial security when one becomes disabled. The worker is able to pay bills so that the accumulated savings made for the children’s education are kept intact. If the sum total of the benefits accrued from the aforementioned sources is insufficient to cater for accruing expenses, then it becomes necessary to obtain an insurance policy. A number of factors influence the determination of the cost of disability income policy: Age: Younger people pay considerably less for a policy, on yearly basis, than folks who are older and are more predisposed to become disabled. Amount of benefit: A policy that replaces a considerable chunk of an individual’s salary is bound to be more expensive. Period of benefit: A policy that covers a shorter period is less expensive compared to one that covers an extensive period of time. Current health status: A person’s health status determines what rates are applicable in the selected policy. Extent of disability: The benefits vary depending on the extent and permanency of the disability. The greater and more permanent a disability is, the cheaper the policy becomes. Individual policy protects an individual as long as the premium continues to be paid. Group coverage lasts for as long as the worker is employed or attached to the group. All in all, it’s important for the client to decide which features are important to them and the costs that these features may have. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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