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In recent years, the internet has become inundated with information about small business government grants. Information designed to help you target the right grant, understand the conditions to qualify and perfect your application. But not all of us own a business, and there is a glut of government grants available that are commonly unknown to the American public. This misunderstanding could be directly responsible for the relative few applications processed and the millions of grant dollars that are left unclaimed each year. Highlighting 10 unheralded grants, this article is guaranteed to introduce you to the government grants that you never even knew about. Disability Grants This grant provides financial support to individuals with physical or mental disabilities. The government recognizes the struggle that people with disabilities endure, offering grants to assist in education, research and other personal financial needs. Green Grants The US Government is making a great effort to weaken our dependence on fossil fuels, offering green grants and cash-back reward incentives to home owners, businesses and organizations that wish to convert to renewable energy resources. For example, home owners that are interested in powering their water heaters with solar power are excellent candidates for the green grant. Child Care Tax Credit This is a special tax credit for those that could use some help with childcare expenses for children up to the age of 13; or other dependents qualifying with a physical or mental illness that prevents them from self-care. The credit is a percentage of the work-related caregiver services contracted, which is up to 35 percent of these expenses, depending on your income. Conditions to qualify include: You must have claimed an income from wages, salaries, tips, etc. Dependant must have lived with you for at least half of the claiming year. You cannot have received dependent care benefits from your employer. Religion Grants The US Government, along with several private sector foundations, offers grants to religious entities for youth programs, outreach ministries, mission trips, building projects and other faith- based initiatives. Applicants for this grant must demonstrate that: A)They have a legitimate affiliation with the indicated religious group. B)Their religious group is in full support of the grant application. Farm Loan Programs The Federal Service Agency (FSA) is working hard to encourage the production of small, family-sized farming and ranching operations, offering farm ownership (FO) and operating loans (OL) to those who otherwise cannot obtain commercial credit from a bank or other lender. These loans can be used to construct buildings and purchase land, equipment, livestock and other necessary farming supplies. Crop Insurance Another grant pertaining to the farming industry, crop insurance protects crop and livestock farmers against losses in the event of a natural disaster. There are a variety of different plans depending on your farming vocation and the state you reside in. Social Wellness and Sports Grants Intended to encourage active, healthy lifestyles, these grants are given out in the hopes of strengthening confidence and independence among the American people. They can be solicited for initiatives such as counselor training, youth activity programs, injury prevention, treatment/recovery programs for drugs and alcohol, athletic training, diabetes and scholarships. Fishermans Contingency Fund An industry specific grant used to compensate fisherman for economic and property losses caused by oil and gas obstructions. Qualifying commercial fishermen are granted funding that amounts to approximately 50% of the gross income lost. Conditions to qualify include: Must be a commercial fisherman Must have proof of suffered losses in income resulting from oil and gas obstructions Military Disability This is a Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) fund for ex-military personnel with disabilities suffered during their tour of duty. Eligible soldiers could be provided with monthly tax-free compensations. Conditions to qualify include: Active, Reserve, or Medically retired with at least 20 years of service Receiving retired pay Retired pay is offset by Veterans Administration (VA) payments Have 10% or greater VA rated injury Have at least one VA rated injury determined to have been combat-related. Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program Targeting students pursuing a career in mathematics, natural sciences, or engineering, this scholarship program is highly competitive and is only offered to college juniors and seniors. A student must be nominated by his or her college or university, using the proper documentation provided to each institution, in order to be considered. Conditions to qualify include: Must be a US national, citizen, or legal alien Must be pursuing an education in mathematics, natural sciences or engineering and have been accepted into an accredited college, university or degree program 相关的主题文章:

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