having to conform to set rules and regulations where everything was laid out for you to do and you never had to make any independent decisions 电视影响力盛典 同性恋被强制治疗

UnCategorized Before you decide to start an Internet home business you need to ask yourself some fundamental questions to ensure that it is the right option for you, because according to statistics, over 95 percent of home businesses fail and as much as 99 percent of Internet home businesses fail. DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT PERSONALITY FOR A HOME BUSINESS? Even with the best of intentions and a burning desire to break away from the daily drudgery of having to work for someone else, the best Internet home business idea will not prove successful for you if you do not have the personality to work from home. Working from home with an Internet business that combines your best skills, strongest desires and interests can be enticing, and offer great flexibility and freedom. However, it also requires a great deal of self motivation, organization and self discipline. Usually the best candidates to succeed in the best Internet home business are those whose former jobs required and allowed autonomy, and who found themselves severely restricted because of the limitations placed on them because of their lack of authority. Generally these people found themselves thinking why should they work for someone else when they can do this by themselves and keep all the money they earn." These people are ideal for an internet home business because they succeeded better than others whose prior jobs were micro managed and redundant. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN? If you think that you meet the criteria to make an Internet home business successful and you are one of those people who thinks that they should do it for themselves and keep all the money instead of slogging away for the benefit of someone else, then you need to consider your options and ask yourself a few basic questions. Primarily, do you have the self-discipline, organization and self motivation? Are you going to be comfortable setting and keeping your own business schedule? Did your former employer let you do pretty much as you pleased and gave you a free reign? Outside sales might be a good example of this – and you succeeded under that routine – then the answer is probably yes. But if you had to stick to a set routine day after day, having to conform to set rules and regulations where everything was laid out for you to do and you never had to make any independent decisions, then you may find it more difficult to adjust. CAN YOU DEVELOP A TIMETABLE FOR YOU HOME BUSINESS? How will you structure your working day to achieve maximum results? You will probably spend the first hour of each working day reading and answering your mail, electronic and otherwise, Then maybe do an hour of prospecting for new leads. To prevent burn out and to stay focused you should schedule in a couple of short coffee or tea breaks and take a regular lunch break as well. The best schedule for your best Internet home business is to work the hours that your clients or potential consumers do. Remember though that if your market is national or international that this might be difficult. What you could do, for example, if you live on the West coast and are an early morning person is start at 6am, and give yourself a break somewhere in the middle of your work day. Maybe a couple of hours exercise or relaxation and then return to work until about 6pm, when the West Coast folks have finished work for the night. HOW WILL YOU SET SOME GOALS AND STAY FOCUSED? Can you set your own goals and be your own boss for your Internet home business? Draw up a list of what you want to achieve, a little bit at a time, and then tick off when you have achieved each. Congratulate yourself when you complete your first contract. Reward yourself by getting that brand new computer you have wanted for so long. If you like and thrive on recognition give yourself your own pats on the back by publishing your expertise on the Web. Offer your expertise in the form of free content articles and have them published on the Internet. Not only will it give you the limelight you crave but it can be one of the best ways to help grow your Internet home business and get free publicity by adding your website details and links at the bottom of each article. CAN YOU SEPERATE YOUR HOME BUSINESS FROM YOUR HOME LIFE? Your final question, and perhaps the most important one, is whether you can shut that office door at night and walk away to have a life? This is where the statistics for such a high failure at home businesses comes in. Some entrepreneurs are workaholics and they can not stop working, even after they knock off for the night. This is the most fundamental reason why so many people fail through eventual burn out. I am not suggesting that this is a 40 hour job, because it is not, at least not in the beginning. But setting aside time to enjoy family and friends, and pursuing enjoyable exercises are the best way to reward you for starting that best Internet home business About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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