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UnCategorized Cyberspace has a NEW merchandising tool, even though they’ve been around for quite some time, yet, ONLY recently have been recognized as a powerful communication tool for Internet marketers. If you’ve been following the current Internet marketing movements like I have, then you’ve definitely heard of them. What’s this new marketing tool I’m talking about that every serious marketer should have in place? BLOGS! …(A.K.A. Web-Log). Now, just for those of you who aren’t quite sure what a BLOG is, here’s a quick definition: A BLOG (A.K.A. Web-Log) is essentially a journal that is obtainable on the web. The natural action of updating (usually on a daily to weekly basis) a blog is called "Blogging" and someone who keeps a Blog is a "Blogger". There you have it, quick and to the point. Alright. For the rest of this article I want to focus on how a person can turn a profit from having their own blog. I’m going to name two ways that I think are the best and most important ways to get the most out of your blog. So, with that said, let’s go to Profit Tactic #1. Profit Tactic #1. Writing "Articles". Writing "Articles" is a very powerful way to profit from your blog. There are many reasons why "Articles" are valuable to your blog, but for the intention of this article I’m going to give you the most important part, and that’s your "Resource Box" at the end of your article. Your "resource box" is like a classified ad and contains important data about you, your Internet sites and what you have to offer them after they’ve read your article. The links within your "resource box" could lead to your individual product or service you have to extend to the reader, or they could lead to an Affiliate Product related to the subject matter of your article. This is an extraordinary way to give them something of "value", which is the information inside the article, and a great way to get them to take action by way of getting them to click on one of the links within your "resource box". That’s "Profit Tactic #1". Profit Tactic #2. Writing "Product Reviews". Writing "product reviews" is a wonderful way to profit from your blog merely because they allow you to Soft-Sell your potential client by way of giving them your personalized opinion on the product you are advocating and then offering them a link if they want to look into it further, instead of throwing a Sales Pitch at them. Nobody likes to be sold, but offering them your perceptivity on a Product and/or Service that could help resolve the problem they’re coping with is yet another great way to profit from your Blog and make you look like a champion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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