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Travel-and-Leisure Activities during your Bahamas Vacations Getting wet and spending time in the water is not everything when it comes to Bahamas Vacations as there are also places you can go to for fun and exciting things to do in land or away from the water. When in Nassau visit the Cloisters Garden and see the 14th century French monastery which was, piece by piece, shipped to the United States and then transferred to its current location in Ocean Drive where its garden filled with intricate stone structures, pools, and fountains provides a beautiful ambience overlooking Nassau harbor which is perfect for weddings. On Mount Alvernia, Father Jerome Hawes built with his hands the stone monastery and the stairs that wind down Como Hill; climb the highest post in Cat Island and revel in the islands magnificent views. Visit the Andros Lighthouse in Andros Island built in 1852 to get a feel of how ancient mariners navigated the waters of the Bahamas. The Bahamas is not just for water lovers but for those who like to stay dry as well. Find Promos for Bahamas Vacations Look for great deals and save on discount packages when you go on Bahamas Vacations; youll have more time to have fun and relax. $225 a night for an all inclusive offer from Paradise Island Harbour in Nassau will let you share a room with your family, eat a complimentary breakfast with them, enjoy their facilities for free, and visit nearby attractions like the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounters and the Atlantis Casino. If youre in Andros Island avail of Small Hope Bay Lodges all inclusive dive package valued at $2, 420 which gives you eight days of accommodation, unlimited food and drinks for the duration of your stay, scuba diving sessions 3 times daily, wireless internet and free calls to the US and Canada. Also in Andros Island, Emerald Palms will give an extra night if you avail of their bonefishing package for $1074 that includes 2 days of fishing jaunts, daily breakfast and lunch, and you also get a nice ocean front accommodation. Visit the Bahamas and discover ways to enjoy it without spending too much. All you need to know before planning your Bahamas Vacations Always keep in mind that going on Bahamas Vacations means going to another country and so following their rules and regulations is a must. If you are not from Canada or the US you need to have a passport when you go to the Bahamas and most of the time you will need to get a Bahamian visa; better to consult their embassy for more information. The weather in the Bahamas is generally hot and you should only bring clothes with light materials and dry easily; but as precaution you can also bring light rain wear, like rain coats plus be sure to bring plenty of beachwear and sun block. The Bahamian dollar is the official currency in the Bahamas but locals do accept US dollars and some establishments accept travelers checks and credit cards; better bring a lot of dough to maximize your adventure and fun in the islands. Always plan ahead not just in traveling to the Bahamas but with all forms of vacations as well. Glorious Bahamas Vacations at the Abacos Islands Bahamas Vacations to the Abacos Islands with the whole family are something that we all look forward to. Sailing and boating are some of the water sports that you can do here because of the calm and shallow waters and not to forget snorkeling, diving and fishing are also some of the things that you can do when going on vacation here. Of course, the long stretches of beaches and coves make it a nice place for swimming or just lounging the whole day. Marsh Harbour has a nice vibe to it and this is where most of the hotels are as well as the marinas where you can rent out boats or use them for docking. You can play a round of golf or swim at the beach which has soft white sand you can sink your feet in at Treasure Cay. The island is indeed a place that you should go back to for spending just a week in it is not enough to enjoy the magnificent beaches and awe-inspiring sceneries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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