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46 candidates called ID check points: increase the lost ticket can not be found in August 19th at 9 in the morning, June 2016 National University English (excellent course) four, six level of test results released. As usual, the candidates can pass the official website inquiries that test scores. But recently the major social media sites, some lost ticket candidates have complained, said no way to check the test scores, and proposed the creation of an ID check proposal. In this regard, the Ministry of Education Examination Center office on the 23 to surging news (CET) and other search sites are provided only enter the admission ticket number. A college student has at least 8 opportunities to pass the National English Test Band Four, grade six, so many students are not careful enough to preserve the textual research. Surging news in a micro-blog search bar enter the 46 (fine class) admission ticket lost key words, a total of 24 pages out of the content, most of the posts are candidates to participate in the English test band 46. And enter a keyword in a search engine, 46 quasi ticket lost, there have been a total of 76 pages of information, including the loss of response to the candidates, the relevant sites to give solutions. The ticket can not find the problem, many of the domestic education service website also published some "Raiders find no.". The main methods are: through the same test class ticket number to calculate their number, or through the application software specifically designed to help information. However, these solutions are not very reliable in practice". August 24th, forget the ticket on where the fish (a pseudonym) told the surging news students, (exam) classes are disrupted, the same examination did not know the students." College student Xiao Min (a pseudonym) recently entered the school and the name of the 99 quarters of the network application software to help students find the test number also encountered problems. "I probably check 3 will not check", she said the news of surging, four and six grade scores down seven or eight students to ask her to help you find the ticket number, the first 3 people successfully found and found the results, but now the fourth students, out of the computer screen "the message you have accurate check ticket number". She restarted the application does not work, probably because of a computer a ID bar, or the collapse of the system, in short, is not checked." Subsequently, the surging news by another system, part of the Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications campus developed grade 46 Hongyan query system, try to find the ticket number. Similarly, simply enter the "name" and "school" two, but the input is not successful after the search, the pop-up dialogue is the current number of inquiries too much, please try later." In addition to the instability of the system, through the "school" and "name" to check the exact number is not accurate. For example, a school with a number of students with the same name, it is likely to find is not matched with their own test number. Universal plus ticket lost the ticket number through the retrieval conditions, let the fish and Xiao Min put forward many candidates to improve the check system that is to be like PubMed (course) check points, adding a number of "identity card" option to check? Ministry of education examination center.相关的主题文章:

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