1988 actor Cui Chengyuan deteriorated in May suffering from leukemia 9c8836

"1988" actor Cui Chengyuan Cui Chengyuan May suffering from leukemia progression of acute leukemia by Sina entertainment news to suspend the activities of hospitalized Korean actor Cui Chengyuan disease appear a certain deterioration is currently facing difficulties. 30, 2009, media reports said Cui Chengyuan’s condition worsened. Subsequently, Cui Chengyuan aspects of the situation through a public media: as we all know, Cui Chengyuan is indeed facing difficulties. Acute leukemia is found early, although the cure rate is high, but after all, is a serious disease, so there is a variable. We were surprised that Cui Chengyuan’s condition had an unexpected rapid deterioration." "But fortunately in the Mid Autumn Festival, his condition began to improve, there is no cure, still need to continue to observe. Hope you can pray for Cui Chengyuan and refueling." In addition, in 2007 by the musical debut of Cui Chengyuan, because of the play, please answer 1988, a good friend of China and Germany was a corner of the public. Shooting "witch mirror" in May found suffering from acute leukemia after interruption of all activities, to hospital treatment. BNT news feeds Wang Rongwen BNT news DB figure (Taiwanese Meatballs: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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